Saiybot is a SCAM

Have you heard about Saiybot? Probably you have googled about it and found this blog post. I told you, it’s a scam. But before I tell you why, let me explain what is Saiybot.

It claims to be a new Alexa style AI assistant that will set-up, write, optimize, manage, update and handle ALL your websites needs for you, what a big claim, huh?

It also claims to have all these advantages:

  1. Never set up you websites manually ever again
  2. Never install plugins manually ever again
  3. Never update your sites manually ever again
  4. Never write content manually ever again
  5. Never optimize content for your sites manually ever again
  6. Never pay for images ever again
  7. Never hire anyone ever again
  8. Never worry about all the complicated and time consuming tasks ever again.

Wow? Would you believe all those? Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? In life, we should not be too naive. OK let me continue, how do we use this product (IF we want to):

Step 1: Download and activate the AI robot (Saiybot) on your wordpress site (it would only take 15-20 seconds according to the seller’s claim)

Step 2: Run the setup wizard if you are setting up a new site

Step 3: Speak to the AI robot to set up all your automations (you can also type if you don’t want to speak)

OK let me emphasize this once again….Saiybot is a scam. Yes, I repeat, Saiybot is a scam in your nightmare. Saiybot is a scam in your negative imagination. It’s a scam according to your worst assumption. It’s also like a scam if you buy it but don’t take any action. In reality, Saiybot could be a great product, ONLY if you use it wisely and smartly with a great plan and vision.

It has the potential to be a great tool for your internet marketing and online business. It might help you tremendously in making money online. But only if you use it wisely and never give up.

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I wish you success.